A quick search about online casinos will show that online casinos are all about bonuses. It’s virtually impossible to find a gambling platform that doesn’t offer at least a meagre one. However, there’s more to casino bonuses than meets the eye. Here, you’ll learn how to make the best of online casino offers. Additionally, follow our guest specialist, Kristoffer Haagensen, for the hottest news on the subject.

Spoiler: It’s Not For Free

Sure, there are plenty of benefits casino bonuses can bring to the players. Yet, this money doesn’t fall from the sky. Firstly, bonuses are the sharpest hook for fishing new players. Although a top online casino isn’t only about bonuses, ignoring their importance is impossible.

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Moreover, casino bonuses are among the most important competitive traits of any gambling platform. For instance, in countries like Norway, casino advertisement is severely restricted. So, these flashy offers are pretty much the only marketing tool they have. Norwegian gamblers can compare the best offers just by googling casino bonuser .

No business could survive by giving away free cash, although many offers look just like that. There are offers for almost any occasion: first deposit, weekly deposits, cashback from lost bets, free spins coming out of the blue. Don’t be mistaken: these offers were carefully designed to favour the house, not you. The house always wins.

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The Edges in the House

Planning an online casino involves pretty complex maths. After all, operators need to create promotions that don’t jeopardise their business but look generous anyway. Although every offer has small letters, no offer should have hidden letters. So, a careful read on the T&C will reveal some crucial information that we don’t usually see in ads. Check below some terms you’ll find while reading your T&C.

Rollover Requirement

Also known as the wagering requirement, players commonly overlook this condition. Do you remember when you won a bet but couldn’t cash it out? Here’s the culprit. The rollover requirement defines how many times you should bet your bonus before turning it into money. A rollover requirement of 30x, for instance, means you should bet your bonus 30 times over before withdrawing anything from it.

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Online casinos have games of sheer luck and games of skill. The house edge is considerably smaller in games like blackjack and video poker. So, they don’t count the same as slots towards your rollover requirements. In some cases, games of skill aren’t even considered, or at best, contribute 20% of your bets.


Some offers also come with specific timeframes. For instance, you can get 100 free spins of bonus, but you can only use ten per day and have ten days to use it all. After ten days, any remaining free spin will be lost. If you skip one day, you lose ten free spins in this particular example.

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Making the Best From Every Situation

Now that you are no longer naive about your bonus offers, it’s time to learn to use them properly. For such, we’ll briefly talk about the most common types of casino bonuses you’ll find online.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are the main gates to new casinos. It’s typically the first kind of offer that will pop in your search. Most welcome bonuses are proportional to your first deposit: the deposit match bonus. You’ll see offers like “100% bonus up to EUR 500.” It means that if you make a EUR 500 deposit, there’ll be a EUR 500 bonus. It’s also common to find such promotions, including free spins or spanning over the first three or four deposits.

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Cashbacks allow players to recover part of the money lost in recent bets. It’s also a proportional bonus, usually awards about 20% of your lost bets. It’s a regular bonus that can come weekly or monthly, depending on the case.


Reloads also award players based on their deposits, although in a smaller proportion than welcome bonuses. It tends to be a regular offer that aims to keep players in action like cashback.

Free Spins

This bonus is specific for slot machines and sometimes even particular titles. It can be a standalone bonus and part of a package, as it often happens on welcome offers.

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Here, the casino rewards you for doing their job: bringing new players in. This offer is only granted when your friend makes the first deposit in some cases.

It’s Playtime!

Knowledge is power, and now that you know how online casino bonuses work, you’re ready to enjoy them. The time taken by reading T&C is never wasted, and the information there can shape the way you’ll use them. Additionally, take some time comparing offers, VIP programs, and various games in one of the countless casino reviews out there.


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