The modern classroom presents a fairly dynamic teaching and learning environment for the educators and students. The recent advancements in teaching methodologies mark an epoch in the field of education, one where the teaching and learning activities have progressively been brought under a digitalized framework. Especially since the coronavirus pandemic, when schools and college campuses were shut down, locking millions of students and teachers across the entire nation out of the classroom, educational institutions and educators all over the country have preferred to teach online. On top of that, the role of an educator is bringing together students from various backgrounds with different capabilities and behavior in a cohesive and coordinated manner, which further makes teaching a fairly complex job.

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It is quite certain that in order to be an effective educator, one needs to implement innovative teaching methods for meeting each student’s personal learning needs. There is no one size fits all solution for your teaching woes. Whether you are an educator who has been teaching for just over a year or more than a decade, it can be challenging to identify the teaching strategies which are best suited for teaching your students. Therefore, we present you with a range of effective classroom teaching strategies. Read on to find out the most effective teaching strategies and try them out in order to find out the ones which work best for you and your students….

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Creative Visualization-

Encouraging and supporting visualization is a surefire way of getting your students in high spirits and also of enhancing the student learning outcomes in the classroom. The recent advancements in pedagogy have been a lot more conducive towards interactive learning and the incorporation of visual elements in the lessons. The increasing use of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in education programs all over the world, is a testament to the fact that visualization is a highly effective approach to learning. Online educators should choose a mobile teacher app for teaching, which provides features such as digital whiteboards, video lectures, and supports a range of visual learning aids in order to enhance the students’ understanding of the concepts being discussed in the class and their academic performance.

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Cooperative approach-

Peer-to-peer learning strategies have been gaining significant traction for over a number of years now. Students of varying abilities should be encouraged to work in groups such that the entire group of students gets benefitted. Moreover, educators should encourage the students to actively participate in class discussions which will not only enhance their knowledge, but will also improve cooperation between the students and will do a world of good to their self-confidence, communication skills and their ability to think quickly on their feet. Educators need not come up with elaborate group projects each time. Even solving a puzzling question in groups or conducting simple scientific experiments together can be a great way of developing cooperation among the students.

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Personalized attention-

As mentioned earlier, there really aren’t any effective one size fits all approaches when it comes to teaching. In order to be an effective teacher, it would behoove you to begin by differentiating your approach by allocating tasks to various students in accordance with their abilities. Having said that, it is also equally important to ensure that no student gets left behind. Providing personalized attention to students essentially means that the unique learning needs of the students are addressed in the most effective way possible such that each student’s individual potential is full recognized and realized. Providing personalized attention and support to each student might well be the game changer you have been looking for in order to become an effective teacher.

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Judicious use of Technology-

Technology certainly has changed the face of education in ways which were unimagined just a decade back or so. Even so there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to making judicious use of existing educational technology for the benefit of students in the classroom. Educators should learn about using technology effectively in the class. One way of doing it is by adopting modernized educational tools and online teaching platforms which make teaching simpler and more effective than ever, in your class.


Our ways of teaching and learning have changed a lot, especially in recent years. An effective teacher above anything else, is one who keeps themselves abreast of the evolving teaching methods and chooses the right one for their students. The ideas mentioned in this article will surely enhance your efficacy as an educator. Happy Teaching!

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