The island of Rhodes has always been considered particularly attractive: the mixture of sandy beaches, rocky coves and mountainous landscape gives the island a very special flair to enjoy TonyBet login.


In addition, there is the enormous history of the island: everywhere you can find traces of those peoples who were here: the Romans, the Turks, the Italians. The crusaders were also on the island for a long time. The special charm of Rhodes is the many faces of the island. Interest aroused?




  1. Rhodes gets a lot of sun


No question, the weather on all Greek islands is great. However, Rhodes can really call itself the island of the sun, because according to legend, the sun god Helios personally chose the island of Rhodes. On average, the sun shines 300 days a year, even into late autumn. In fact, the island is known for having T-shirt weather from May to October. The island is one of the sunniest areas in all of Europe. On average, the sun shines 7.6 hours per day on Rhodes. In summer, there are even between eleven and twelve hours of sunshine per day.

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  1. Rhodes is an all-rounder


If you want to vacation on an island that has something to offer for every type of vacationer, Rhodes is the place to be. Sun worshippers, party fans, families with children, water sports enthusiasts, hiking vacationers, culture vultures? It’s all here, from dream beaches and family-friendly bays to party-loving resorts and historic sites to a pristine inland landscape.


While the north and east of the island are touristy and popular resorts like Rhodes Town, Faliraki, Lindos, Kolymbia or Kallithea are very busy, the south and west of the island are relatively untouched and undeveloped for tourism. So you can experience the original island life away from the masses.

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3 The mystery of the Colossus of Rhodes


The Colossus of Rhodes is known around the world, it is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. According to legend, the famous statue was erected in honor of Helios, the sun god, and is believed to have stood where the Mandraki harbor of Rhodes City is today. Whether it really stood there or somewhere else on the island is not finally clarified. Today, two pillars can be seen at the port.


Once the Colossus of Rhodes was a 30-meter high bronze statue erected in Rhodes in the third century BC. For 50 years the statue stood on a high pedestal in the harbor entrance, then it was destroyed in an earthquake. However, you should visit the legendary place in any case, because the view of the port of Rhodes town with its yachts and excursion ships is beautiful.

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  1. rhodes has many quaint villages


Archangelos, Archipolis, Empona, Koskinou, Monolithos, Eleousa, Siana, Arnithia, Laerma and Kritinia: the list of villages on Rhodes is long. Therefore, during your vacation it is worth visiting not only the places on the coast, but also the rustic mountain villages. The most beautiful village is considered to be the “white village” of Lindos, which is a protected monument and is located about 50 kilometers east of Rhodes town. The scenery could be straight out of a movie: white houses, narrow streets, turquoise water. As in Athens, there is an acropolis in Lindos. This acropolis was once built on the 116 meter steep rock of Lindos.



  1. there are many natural beauties


On Rhodes, kilometers of beaches stand in direct contrast to the mountainous and forested interior. For the island is crisscrossed by a mountain ridge. The highest mountain is Attavyrios, 1215 meters high. The landscape of the island is very diverse, high mountains alternate with fertile valleys. Highlights and natural beauties can be found all over the island: in the valley of the butterflies, at the seven springs, the thermal baths of Kalithea or on the hiking trails around the mountains Profitis Ilias, Attavyros and Akramitis.


  1. Rhodes and its dream beaches


The coastline of Rhodes measures about 222 kilometers. While the west side of the island is rather windy, sometimes rocky and rough, on the east side you can lie in the sun on golden sandy beaches or explore adventurous bays. At the extreme southern tip is Prasonisi Beach. A spit of sand, temporarily washed over, connects the mainland to an offshore island.

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The location is phenomenal! Agathi Beach on the east coast consists of fine, soft, golden sand, but Mojito Beach is called the Caribbean without palm trees: The name came about because of the beach bar, which is considered legendary.





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