As a data organiser, PlayAmo has a legal right to process all the player’s data before permitting them to play games on the casino platform. This data collection policy displays how the company secures the data of customers.


Before registering a player account on PlayAmo, you must accept their privacy policy as it is necessary before using the website. Read through this guide to learn how PlayAmo Casino Protects their Customer’s Data.

How PlayAmo Provide Data Security


PlayAmo acknowledges that by collecting and processing your data to manage a customer’s account, they are responsible for data protection. Consequently, they protect their customer’s details according to the rules and regulations. PlayAmo always takes maximum security measures to ensure their customer’s data is safe.

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A player cannot access an account on the PlayAmo Casino platform without a unique ID and passcode. Moreover, you can set up two-factor authentication for additional security on your account. The responsibility of keeping login credentials is for every customer; make sure you keep your details safe.

Data Retention On PlayAmo Casino


PlayAmo Casino terms and conditions state that players can decide to close their account anytime. When the report is completed, PlayAmo will retain your record for the duration of time required by law. Competent authorities can only use the data if an investigation on Money laundering and fraud arises.

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The player should note that personal details will be in store for a particular duration due to gaming money laundering regulations. Therefore,  PlayAmo will not erase your information before this time frame which is five years.

Personal Data Retained At PlayAmo Casino


The personal data which PlayAmo Collects for players’ security are:


  • Any information that a player provides during account registration and other data you submit via their website or email. This information includes a phone number, email address, name, and date of birth.


  • Any writing made to PlayAmo via email, website or chat web.


  • Also, all the account transactions of a player through the PlayAmo website will be in the company’s database.
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  • Activity logs on website, site logins, IP address and browser or device data by any customer.


  • All the documents PlayAmo received for account verification, deposit and withdrawal processing.


PlayAmo Casino FAQs

Can PlayAmo Obtain My Data?


PlayAmo will not obtain personal data without having the customer’s consent. However, PlayAmo may automatically collect your data when using their services or interacting with them.


The casino can legally receive personal information from online service providers like companies that fight against fraud. Additionally, PlayAmo has the right to give technical support for the transaction process.


If PlayAmo notices that a customer is involved in any fraudulent activity, such as manipulation of game, fraud payment, false personal data provision, or money laundering. PlayAmo has the right to give out such customers’ private information to law enforcement agencies. In addition, the PlayAmo casino uses special techniques to avoid financial fraud on the platform. For example, players get account termination if they make fraudulent attempts on the website.

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Does PlayAmo Release Data To Third Parties?


Note that PlayAmo doesn’t sell customers’ data to a third party. PlayAmo can only release your data if the law requires it. Additionally, PlayAmo will remove your personal information from law enforcement agencies if it will protect the company’s interest. Below are the conditions when PlayAmo discloses personal data to a third party.


  • Where PlayAmo needs to disclose data by law.


  • If the company need to share data to facilitate deposit or withdrawal for any of their customer, PlayAmo will disclose the data.


  • When PlayAmo believes disclosing the data will interest the player’s or company’s safety.
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  • If the company’s marketing department requires the data for a particular task, the customer’s data will be disclose


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