Online Casino Games: Video version or Live version?

There seldom comes a time the realistically mimics the feeling of stepping into the land-based physical casino, smelling the rush of excitement in everybody’s high wagers, seeing the punters go all-in on pocket aces in poker, or watching one lucky gamer relish in the sound of coins hitting the tray on the casino’s slot machines.

As hard as it is to come by this feeling, the live casino slots and games try to recreate it as sophisticatedly as possible with videos and streams of real casino dealers on a table, whilst allowing you to sit virtually from the comfort of your own home.

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This does begin to arise the question of is it better to play free online casino games on the video or live version? Maybe you have had this argument with your igaming friends and have never come to a conclusion. If that is the case then we have the panoramic guide on video and live casino games!

What is the Difference Between Video and Live Casino Games?

To the small fry, there may be no difference, but a high roller like you knows that there is a plethora of dividing issues that contrast between video versions of casino games and the live versions.

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If you are unsure of what separates them then you’d need not worry because we have, as always, got your back covered!

Key components of video casinoKey components of live casino
Online games that consist of a web page that displays you a virtual version of the real casino gameJoin a virtual room where you can see the real casino, real table, and real dealer to play with
Video casino versions allow for you to play the games you love whilst on your own and do not require you to play against real peopleThe live casino enhances realism as you can see the dealer and are playing against real opponents!
These versions can be picked up and allow you to quickly play video casino games wherever you are!The live casino is much like the real one in that you need to know how to play the games properly because it is for pros
Video casinos mean that you do not have to play against any other peopleIf you lose in the live casino you know your money is going to another player and not the dealer
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So, what is better: Video Casino Games or the Live Casino Versions?

Although we think that we know you very well, this question has to be answered by you because the popularity of the games varies from player to player.

The video casino games are:

  •       More casual
  •       Easier to pick up
  •       Not as intense

Whereas live casino games tend to be:

  •       Higher octane
  •       More risk/more reward
  •       More sociable

You choose the casino version that suits your needs the most because whenever you are your most comfortable is when the fun starts rolling and the wins start stacking up! If you choose live or video casinos, we wish you the best of luck!

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