We all love taking short vacations to the mountains or other places to feel rejuvenated and recharge while escaping from our busy everyday life. However, we often do not really enjoy ourselves to the fullest due to the formalities and headaches involved with travelling by plane.


Airports are busy and loud whether you’re travelling alone or with your pals. Waiting in a security line is only slightly less nerve-wracking than being locked in a cage with wild animals. And that’s before you add the stress of taking off and landing into the mix.


Renting a bus for your road trip might be a preferable alternative if you want to avoid all these hassles. Here are some advantages of taking a bus instead of a plane for your upcoming vacation:

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Buses Are Comfortable and Convenient


A bus provides greater comfort than an aeroplane. Large seats and tables, free WiFi, and USB outlets for charging all of your gadgets are common features of buses. Even reclining chairs with footrests are available in some buses. You have complete control over the temperature while renting a bus. Both the light and noise levels are adjustable. You won’t have to worry about an overbooked flight or a rowmate that is loud and disruptive. You may snooze in your comfy bus seat if you have a long trip ahead of you. Free snacks are also available on the bus; if you want a complete dinner, you may buy one. Many bus providers in Mumbai offer very affordable packages and customizable options for mini bus on rent.

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You’ll be in control of your own schedule


When you go by bus, you can pick the route and schedule you want. You can stop at any location that you want to see or visit. You can also sleep in if you want to arrive at a location at a different time than your scheduled arrival time.


Buses have a small group feel


When you fly, you are usually with a large group of people. You may even be squeezed in a very small seat with other passengers. On a bus, you travel with a small group of people. You have ample legroom and table space. You can also choose the seats on the bus that you want to sit in. You don’t have to worry about finding a seat when you arrive at a location. Flying is often inconvenient. You also have more luggage space when you drive a bus. You can drive to different locations without having to unpack your bags each time.

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Buses allow you to travel with your belongings


When you fly, you can’t take extra luggage with you. Most airlines only allow you to take one piece of luggage that has to fit in the overhead compartment or under a seat. You also have to pay extra for a first checked bag and a second checked bag. When you drive a bus, you can take as many bags as you want. You don’t have to worry about paying extra for baggage or if your bag will fit in the overhead compartment. Renting a tempo traveler is also a good option to enjoy road trips with family and friends.

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Buses offer more comfort and convenience than aeroplanes. They are cheaper than flights and allow you to travel at your own pace. You can get 15,17,20,30, & 50 seater bus on rent in Mumbai as per your convenience Buses are more comfortable and convenient than flying. They also allow you to travel with your belongings and take as many bags as you want.



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