Life without the internet is hard to imagine. Everything is online available now. Meeting friends, grocery shopping, even education. This shift got its boost espiacci during the Covid-19 pandemic. When people had more time to stay at home playing National Casino, the need for a good and stable connection became ever more visible. It is not only for private households but also for companies essential to be connected. Nothing is working without the Internet.


You have the bandwidth (= indicates how much data can be transferred simultaneously) of the fixed network Internet to yourself. You share the bandwidth of the mobile Internet with other users. If there are a lot of users in the mobile network, this can affect the speed of the mobile Internet. The speed of the mobile Internet portion can therefore fluctuate.

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The 5Gi network – the future of the Internet

The fiber-optic network (= fixed-network Internet) and 5G technology are referred to as the 5Gigetz and together will form the strong backbone of Internet provision in Austria in the future. Huge amounts of data can be transmitted at lightning speed: This enables developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT), i.e., the networking of refrigerators, sports shoes, but also traffic lights and self-driving cars. Extra-large bandwidths for video streaming and energy-efficient transmission stations at the same time: A1 brings the Internet technologies of the future to your home.

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How to find out how fast A1 Internet is at your address

You want fixed-network Internet? With A1 it’s easy: You decide what speed (= bandwidth) you want, and we automatically select the technology that will give you the bandwidth you need. Simply enter your address to check which speed is available. You can see whether this speed is produced with hybrid technology or exclusively with fixed-line Internet technology in the online ordering process in the shopping cart.


Tip for those who do not yet have A1 fixed-network Internet: Ever heard of “Plug in and surf right away” at A1? This allows you to use the Internet immediately and you don’t have to wait for your fixed-network Internet to be set up. Here’s how it works: We give you a hybrid modem with a SIM card inside. Until your fixed-line Internet is established, you surf exclusively via the SIM card. Once your fixed-network Internet is up and running, you surf either via the fixed-network Internet line only or with hybrid technology (fixed-network Internet line + SIM card) – depending on the bandwidth you have selected.

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You want mobile Internet? Enter your address in the mobile network coverage map. There you can see in which area which transmission technology (5G, 4G, 3G or 2G) is available.




You can rely on an A1 fixed network Internet connection. Nevertheless, it can happen that there is a malfunction or other problem with the Internet connection. In such a case, it is good to know how to solve it quickly and easily. As a first step, it is worthwhile to disconnect the modem from the power supply for a short time or to check in the A1 Community whether other users have already reported similar problems. But finding a solution is now even easier: With the new A1 Troubleshooting Assistant, anyone can check their A1 fixed network Internet connection themselves and correct any errors.

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Solving Internet problems has never been so easy: Simply call up the A1 Fault Assistant – on or via the My A1 app. When the wizard is started from home, the system automatically detects the connection thanks to Autologin. However, this is of little use if the Internet connection does not work. In this case, it is necessary to log in with the A1 fixed network Internet access data – which can be found on the data letter that came with the installation of the connection. Or with the My A1 user name under which the A1 fixed network connection is registered.

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