Electronic performance support system has become an important software for the development of the organisation. It is able to provide a constant learning experience to all the employees who work in the organisation. It is a kind of capital expenditure undertaken by a company for the employees.

Whatever training is imbibed in the employees is ultimately benefited by the company in the form of increased productivity. It is considered to be one of the most important criteria for developing the support system of the organisation.


Without this particular Criterion no organisation and industry can function. It exposes the employees to the latest development in the industry so that they can incorporate the same. It is considered to be a beneficial process in the long run.

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Because of its utility it is being incorporated in every type of industry concerned. This article will make an attempt to make a list of all the important industry concerns incorporating this electronic performance support system.

Banking sector

The banking sector requires very constant technological exposure. Over the period of time the entire methodology of Banking has undergone a 360 degree change. In such a situation the employer can function only with the help of the employees. For this, the constant development of the employee is very important. In such a situation, it has to be ultimately concluded that the perfect example can be created with the help of the following instance.

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The banking industry has now shifted to mobile banking and even cloud banking. It is only when the performance support is provided to the employees that they can function accordingly and produce an output. It has been able to bring a very huge output to the banking industry. It is also important to mention that a banking industry has developed to such an extent only due to the development of the employees. This constant development is because of the performance support provided.

E commerce

The entire electronic industry is operated by engineers and management students. Just the bookish knowledge about the concept of Technology and marketing was not enough to create a business online. It is only with the help of constant performance support provided by the respective companies that they become acquainted with different objects.

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It is also important to mention that without this kind of support they cannot bring a very positive change. It is also essential to provide that the latest multinational companies are now in operating and integrating this performance support system.

This helps in bringing awareness among the employees about the new Strategies and marketing techniques. For instance when E-Commerce was introduced initially, advertisements were done with the help of local agencies. But now due to the exposure of new technology to the employees, they have developed additional platforms for marketing on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Sci-fi industry

There has been a growth in the number of research organisations employing engineers. It has been with the help of this assistance that various technological products like robots and artificial intelligence equipment are now getting developed. It is considered to be an important concept with the help of which not only the business is being developed but also the industry has also been developed. This industry has been able to bring a huge amount of impact.

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It has been possible only because of the integration of the performance support system. This system has constantly helped to evaluate the needs of the employees and train them accordingly. It has been able to develop new skills in the employees over the period of time. This training has been very essential for the organisation to develop itself.


It has to be concluded that the performance support system is electronically configured with the data of the organisation. It is able to control the skill of the employees and accordingly understand the need of development as well.

This configuration has been able to promote the personal development of the employees in the professional field. They feel protected under the organisation. It is considered to be the best type of input which they can get for

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themselves. This is definitely one of the most important requirement of the present world.