June 2022 saw University of Phoenix’s College of Doctoral Studies announce the publication of its new whitepaper, “Aligning Employer and Employee Perspectives on Successful and Sustainable Work and Life Balance.” This whitepaper offers practical methods that companies can adopt to align employer and employee perspectives on work-life balance, drawing conclusions from a detailed dataset collated in University of Phoenix Career Institute’s™ 2022 Career Optimism Index® study.

The Career Optimism Index® Study

As one of the most comprehensive studies of U.S. citizens’ personal career perceptions to date, the Career Optimism Index® study involves the annual collation of data on current workforce trends. The University of Phoenix Career Institute™ uses this data to uncover the solutions that can support and enhance these individuals’ careers and ensure equity in the workplace.

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2022 marked the second Career Optimism Index® study, which over 5,000 U.S. adults completed. Respondents highlighted their job-related concerns, challenges and degree of optimism about key elements of their careers and futures. University of Phoenix Career Institute™ conducted this study among a diverse, nationally representative sample of adults and was conscious of racial, gender, generational and socioeconomic differences.

The survey also included an analysis of workers in the top 20 media markets across the U.S. to unpack geographic nuances, not to mention an analysis of the insights of 500 U.S. employers who play influential or critical roles in hiring and workplace decisions in a variety of departments, company sizes, and industries. This additional segment of the study allowed the University of Phoenix Career Institute™ to compare the insights of workforce members with the insights of those who hire, train and retrain these individuals.

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Insights From University of Phoenix’s Sandra G. Sessoms-Penny

Sandra G. Sessoms-Penny, Ed.D., a faculty member of the University’s College of Education and Fellow of the University’s Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research (CWDIR), has examined the data in the study to discuss trends on how differences in employer and employee perspectives can present challenges. In the whitepaper, she explained that when employers and employees align these perspectives, they can improve staff retention and brand perception.

Sessoms-Penny noted that many employees hope to “see the proof and be recognized for identifying what they need now versus later in their careers.” She explained that aligned employer and employee perspectives can support a company’s organizational growth and employee development. When employers allow employees to share their insights into challenges associated with work-life balance and their possible solutions, they present an opportunity to align perspectives on the matter.

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Before becoming a University of Phoenix faculty member in 2009, Sessoms-Penny held teaching, school administration and instructional leader roles in the public sector, serving in elementary, middle and high schools for 13 years in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She has also dedicated more than 21 years to serving the United States Air Force, concluding her military career as a senior-level non-commissioned officer and paralegal superintendent in military law offices in both the U.S. and Europe.

Sessoms-Penny has also completed a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Administration and Policy Studies at George Washington University.

University of Phoenix’s College of Doctoral Studies

University of Phoenix’s College of Doctoral Studies focuses on modern business and organizational needs of all types, from conceptualizing solutions that can fast-track industry growth and community building to tackling critical social issues.

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The College of Doctoral Studies’ research program positions students at the center of an enviable network of specialists, resources and tools that can help shape them into leaders who will drive positive outcomes for organizations, industries and communities. During their time on the program, students and researchers collaborate with organizations to conduct research that can be applied to workplaces in real time.

Individuals who hope to distinguish themselves as thought leaders in their field who can make a positive impact on the community can benefit from earning an online doctorate degree from University of Phoenix.

Read the full whitepaper on aligning employer and employee perspectives.

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About University of Phoenix

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