Playing games is a fantastic way to spend your free time. Some select TonyBet slots or more gambling games like poker or roulette, while others download apps from the App Store. Here’s what you should definitely download on your iPhone in 2023.


Roblox is a virtual universe with a variety of worlds that players build; you can both create your planets and travel on existing ones. A variety of genres are intertwined here: role-playing games, adventures, obstacle courses, and others. When registering, each player automatically receives an avatar, which can be customized according to their preferences by earning items during the game or using internal currency. You can change the character’s skin color, clothes, body parts, accessories, add animation, and be anything you want: a ninja pirate, a mermaid princess, or a robot wizard.


Among Us!

This action game will be appreciated by those who like to tickle their nerves and practice investigation. You will be transferred on board a spaceship, where rather strange events occur. Among the crew, there are several traitors who want to destroy the ship and the entire crew. You can become a cosmonaut to feel like a true hero-savior or an elusive traitor who can start sabotage at any moment. The game is somewhat reminiscent of Mafia, where you have to mislead your opponents to win.

Subway Surfers

The main character Jake enjoys drawing colorful graffiti on the cars and tries to escape from the evil boss of the railway station with his dog. Playing as Jake, you need to avoid a variety of obstacles like trains, streetcars, and more. You receive coins that help unlock power-ups, special equipment, various characters, and boards. For rewards, keys are given, with which you can personalize characters and endow your hoverboards with special abilities.

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PUBG MOBILE is a popular online battle royale game in which the last surviving participant wins. 100 players land on a battlefield on a remote island and must gather resources to survive. An individual player or team needs to make the most of the terrain, vehicles, and items on the map to win. Players have access to a wide range of realistic weapons: sniper and assault rifles, shotguns, and a variety of accessories for them. Sometimes you’ll have to slay enemies, and sometimes you’ll have to find a good place to lay low for a while.

Standoff 2

Standoff 2 is one of the best iPhone games in the genre of dynamic online first-person shooter. You play as a SWAT team that needs to find and neutralize enemies, terrorists who are planting bombs. First, you need to gather a team and start a war, and the battles will take place in different parts of the world, from the small neighborhoods of Italy to the prairies of the Wild West. Over 20 different weapons are available to the player: machine guns, pistols, rifles, grenades, and more, as well as a wide range of stickers and skins.

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Z.O.N.A Shadow of Lemansk

A narrative post-apocalyptic shooter that combines open combat and stealth with survival and exploration of a colorful game world. According to the story, in 2014, the apocalypse happened. The Earth and humanity are almost completely destroyed, and a group of survivors takes refuge in the depths of the Chernobyl zone. By 2034, new generations had time to grow up, but another apocalypse happened, and now the survivors wander in the depths of the subway tunnels. Play as a real fighter who grew up in a period of alienation and now explores the subway tunnels and kills the monsters found.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an adventure RPG game for iPhone with RPG elements that takes players to a picturesque fantasy world. In the story, a brother and sister (you can choose which of them to play as) get stuck in a magical world and lose each other. Players can visit seven kingdoms and meet different companions with unique characters and skills. You will have to gather a strong squad and pump it with the help of found resources, fight with powerful enemies, and find a lost relative. The game world is large, and in it you can find a variety of activities: collect resources, communicate with the inhabitants of cities, perform tasks, fight monsters, and solve riddles.

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Plague Inc.

A strategic and logical game in which you need to create your own virus, improve it, and infect the whole world with it until mankind creates a vaccine. To begin with, you must decide how the player wants to develop the epidemic by selecting different pathogenic viruses and symptoms, and then aim to spread the disease to all five continents in the most productive way possible. Land borders and air travel are used for this; the virus can be carried by animals or transmitted through blood. The contagiousness, severity, and lethality of the disease can be steadily increased. The main goal is to eliminate life on the entire planet.



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