Every company manufacturing computer mice tries to present their product favorably. Different ways and methods are used for this purpose. Special attention is paid to proprietary technology. Here are the main ones used in 2023 PC mice. Mice with LK Light Strike are especially popular among all PC players from those who play via a Bizzo Casino login to those who prefer titles, like CS:GO or Hogwarts Legacy. They make it much easier to use and increase control accuracy. However, you should take into consideration that mice with this technology are not cheap.

LK Light Strike

Optical switches on keyboards have already become commonplace, perceived as a necessity for fast and clear control. Another thing is mouse buttons which for a long time were exclusively mechanical. With the LK Light Strike optical switches, it was decided to eliminate this disadvantage.

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This solution has the following advantages:

  • Instant response.
  • Huge service life.
  • High reliability.




Logitech offers another interesting technology. It focuses on integrated backlight control. It allows you to synchronize the backlight of all LIGHTSYNC-enabled devices with what’s happening on your monitor screen.


The technology allows you to adjust with extreme precision:

  • Various effects.
  • Set the time of operation.


The set of tools is extensive, allowing to advantageously diversify the gameplay.


NVIDIA regularly delighted fans with various functional solutions. The company has introduced Reflex technology. Its main task is to speed up the processing of incoming data from the mouse. Usually the signal from the mouse goes straight to the operating system, then to the game and then we observe the changes on the screen. However, this process can be exposed to various negative influences. As a result the accuracy of data transfer will decrease, responsiveness of the game will decrease. Reflex completely solves all these problems and provides a reliable connection.

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Only there is one nuance: to use this technology, you need not only a brand-name mouse but also a monitor and a video card younger than the GeForce 900 series. Given that the benefits derived from this technology is insignificant, and the cost for the application is high, it is not widespread.


This technology from Razer is designed to provide a reliable and stable wireless connection. It’s not only mice but also other devices from the company, like keyboards and headphones.


Almost all wireless devices are adapted to the frequency 2.4 GHz, but Razer somewhat extended the capabilities and achieved 5 GHz. Thanks to this, it was possible to significantly improve the quality of the connection. An additional benefit is the AFT technology – automatic search for the least busy frequency to ensure communication.

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The mice polling speed reaches 8 kHz when HyperSpeed and HyperPolling are enabled at the same time. The latter technology has the greatest impact on polling, responsive to all mouse movements. During sudden movements, the polling rate increases significantly to get the most accurate positioning data.

Quantum Wireless

Generally, the first wireless mice were constantly losing connection, the data transfer rate was low. To eliminate all these disadvantages, each mouse manufacturer implemented its own technology. SteelSeries was no exception and introduced its own version of Quantum Wireless.


The main advantages include:

  • Individual communication protocol. No interference can affect data transfer.
  • Automatic channel selection. The mouse keeps monitoring all the frequencies, switching to the least busy ones in no time.
  • Power optimization. The mice are said to work up to 400 hours on a single charge, which is about two and a half weeks.
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Logitech keeps up with its competitors and regularly offers different technical solutions. Lightspeed deserves special attention. The technology is designed to improve the quality of wireless communication between different devices – mice, headphones, and keyboards.


The key advantage of Lightspeed is the minimal delay during data transfer, which allows gamers to control the character or gameplay as quickly as possible. According to the developers, the delay is only 1 ms, and it’s at a polling frequency of 1000 Hz.


You can also highlight a number of other features:

  • Data compression for subsequent transmission.
  • Stable connection.
  • Optimization of communication channels.
  • Long battery life.
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All branded devices supporting Lightspeed technology are capable of up to three weeks of operation on a single charge.


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