Smoking is a widespread character among many individuals in the population today. It has a significant influence on one’s whole body and oral health. Tobacco produces negative results to therapeutic procedures in the oral cavity. Here are a few effects that result after smoking with dental implants:


  • Can You Have Implants If You Smoke


Despite being a smoker, you might be among the lucky ones and be coherent for a dental implant. Your dentist will test you and determine if you are legible. However, smoking can negatively affect the outcome of your implants. Unfortunately, suppose you are a heavy smoker or have been smoking for a long time.

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In that case, some professional dental care experts and surgeons may refuse to perform the implant procedure. You can search online for an Invisalign dentist near me who will lay out any possible complications with performing an implant procedure if you are a smoker. There will be a consent form to sign before you begin the implant procedure.


  • Smoking Before An Implant Procedure


Smoking is the topmost in ranking resulting in individuals developing gum disease. A dry mouth and chemical irritants mixing will create infections that will eventually lead to gum infections. Gum disease can seriously affect the bone and lead to a percentage of bone loss, and with the less bone available for attaching the implant, the more complex the implant surgery will be.

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If you are planning to go for a tooth implant, you must quit smoking for a while before you begin the procedure. If you cannot quit smoking altogether, then you can work on cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day for at least three months before the dental implant procedure.

Smoking after a dental implant placement restricts healing dramatically. It will slow down the healing process and have a long-term effect on the health of your gums and bones. Your implants may fail to heal properly as a result of smoking, and the teeth may fail eventually.


  • Smoking After A New Implant Procedure
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It is a terrible idea if you are planning to continue your smoking habits after your dentist has just fixed your brand new implant. When you have implants, smoking is a considerable risk to your implants. Especially in the healing period where the bone and implant are attaching, it will lead to infections that will damage your implants and fail.

Going back to smoking in the early stages of your implant healing duration is bound to implant failure. The implant procedure is pricey and painful. Why should you go through the process again because of lousy smoking habits?


  • Bone Grafts And Smoking
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The most crucial requirement for a dental implant procedure is for the individual to have enough bones in their jaws. The dentist needs a solid base to support the implant. Smoking can affect and sabotage the success of bone grafting and thus, affect the implant placement. The bone volume may need to be built up if you do not have enough volume.


  • The Period Of Time To Wait To Smoke After A Dental Implant Treatment

Your dentist will give you guidelines on how to handle your oral hygiene after the procedure. When it comes to smoking, you should wait as long as you possibly can. It is best to quit smoking permanently, but if it is impossible, at least wait three months to allow your teeth to heal appropriately. Smoking during the healing period can cause disturbance to the blood clots and set backward the healing process.

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  • Caring For Your Implants When You Smoke

If you have undergone the implant procedure and cannot quit smoking, you will need to be more cautious about your oral hygiene and maintenance of your dental implant. This is because smoking accelerates fast gum disease. If you neglect your dental implants, it will lead to gum infections.


If you stop smoking, then you will increase the chances of having a successful dental implant. This is why the majority of the doctors will ask you whether you smoke before beginning the dental implant procedure. Cease smoking and avoid friends that are chronic smokers to avoid anything that will trigger you back to smoking.

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