Remote work has become a trend in recent years. Many companies are actively implementing such a scheme of interaction, successfully implementing projects and achieving their goals. Special apps are used to maximize productive interaction. Here are the most popular solutions. Some irresponsible employees can chat with colleagues, play at Cookie Casino, or simply clean their house instead of completing their duties.

Why Collaboration is Difficult to Establish

During teamwork, colleagues often face localized challenges of different priorities and key performance indicators. What are the main types of challenges that managers or supervisors can face when arranging collaborative work?

  • Remote teamwork. Failure to track progress and send out updates in a quality manner.
  • Social laziness. Lack of due diligence by one or more employees on the team. While working remotely, it’s hard to watch what team members are doing.
  • Failure to understand the area of responsibility of other employees. Inability to fully evaluate the tasks and area of responsibility of colleagues, the complexity of interaction.
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Solving these problems becomes possible only with competent management, timely identification of common values, and the definition of indicators of success. To ease this process, companies should use extra tools for remote work.


It’s one of the first tools for remote work. Originally created exclusively for personal planning. However, later everything changed and the developers had to reformat their product. Its main feature is a kanban board. This method of organizing work is quite convenient and practical. For each project or task a card is allocated, which has a set of settings.


The key features of Trello include:

  • Boards with task lists.
  • Setting deadlines.
  • Integration of third-party services and programs.
  • Reminder system.
  • File storage and sharing.
  • Built-in tool for communication.
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Trello is free, there is a version for PCs and smartphones. There is a paid version designed to manage a large number of projects.


Setting up remote work isn’t an easy task. However, with this program, a lot of tasks become much easier. With its help, you can control the workload of each employee, quickly distribute tasks, and meet deadlines for project implementation.


The key features of Asana include:

  • Building work on the principle of scrum and kanban board.
  • Visual statistics.
  • Linking events to the calendar.
  • Integration of third-party services.
  • 50 templates of various processes.


A paid subscription is required for teamwork. The free version has significant limitations on the set of tools.

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Microsoft Teams

It’s a proprietary tool from Microsoft. The product was created for teamwork. Distinguished by its simple and user-friendly interface. It’s suitable even for large teams, and it’s possible to assign a certain role or area of responsibility to each employee. The service is paid, but compared to the previous version, the price tag is quite comfortable, which allows even small companies to use this tool.


The key features of Microsoft Teams include:

  • Group calls.
  • Voice mail.
  • Notes, documents, and plan for the day.
  • File storage.
  • Various working backgrounds.
  • Directory with 700 apps to expand your capabilities.


OneDrive, Office 365 are built in right away.

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It’s one of the oldest tools for team interaction. Recently, the developers have breathed a second life into it, significantly expanded its capabilities, and added a lot of useful options, including several exclusive ones. It allows you to control a wide variety of processes and optimize many of them.


The key features of Basecamp include:

  • Simplified work with documents.
  • Complete control over the execution of tasks.
  • Analytics, statistics.
  • Synchronization with third-party services.
  • Video calls.
  • Data storage.


There is an app for mobile devices. The free version is available only for testing. A paid subscription is required for full operation.


It’s one of the most advanced tools. It has absolutely everything you might need to work remotely. However, to effectively use such a service, you will need to spend a lot of time to understand the menu. Many different items, transitions, and even tips dont simplify the task. Bitrix24 is suitable for professionals who have experience with such programs.

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The key features of Bitrix24 include:

  • Kanban boards and Gantt charts.
  • Task sorting.
  • Notifications and reminders.
  • CRM system.
  • Online office.
  • Graphic editor.


The app is paid, and several different plans are available.


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