Run 3 Unblocked:

This is a marathon-like game where you have just to run. It is based on space. You will be in space and traveling through tunnels and tracks in the game. As in track, you have to run, avoiding the collision with the things coming in your way. If you hit anything, you will lose, and if you fall from the track, you will also lose.

When you are in the tunnel, holes are coming in your way. You have to avoid falling into those holes. You did that by moving yourself left or right. And you do that by rotating the tunnel. As you go forward in the game, your running speed will increase. So be careful with that. You have to keep running and finish levels. You will unlock features like new costumes, tracks, etc.

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Features Of Run 3 Unblocked:

  • The graphics are exciting and unique. When running in the tunnel, you will feel you are in your hand.
  • There are many options run 3 unlocked offers to explore. You will select the option you desire from jumping from things or walls.
  • You will unlock many characters, and you can play the game using these characters.
  • A very mesmerizing 3D graphics.
  • You do not need to control a lot of buttons from the keyboard. You will need only 3 buttons to master the game.
  • There are characters in the game. When you unlock them, you will get more power full.
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How To Play:

To play run 3 unblocked, you did not need a lot of buttons to cover. To avoid yourself from coming things in the game, you need to hit the right or left arrow to take aside. When you need to jump, do it by pressing the space bar. These are few controls you need. So, keep running in the game and complete maximum levels.

Modes Of Run 3 Unblocked:

Explore Mode:

In the game mode of run 3 unblocked, you will see levels. You have to complete a level to end the game. Whenever you complete a level, you will unlock new characters. You can use these characters to play the following levels.

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Infinite Mode:

In the infinite mode of run 3 unblocked, there are no levels and just one track on which you are running. The tunnels in which you run will have no end. You need to complete maximum levels running straight. Collect as many power cells as you can as it is the only thing to play the infinite mode. You have to go through these tunnels and unlock characters. When you fall inside the hole in the tunnel, then the game will end.

Where To Play Run 3 Unblocked:

There are many websites offering game run 3 unblocked. But don’t just open any of those websites to play the game. By playing on those websites, your online security will be at risk. Always try to play the game on the website hosted on No worries, we search some websites for you. You can play run 3 unblocked without any security risk, and they host all these websites on

  • Unblockedgameswtf
  • Unblockedgamesworld
  • Tyron’s unblocked games
  • Unblockedgames66
  • Unblockedgames77
  • Unblockedgames911
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Others Game Similar To Run 3 Unblocked:

Tunnel Rush:

This run 3 unblocked-like game is only be played by a single player. In this game, the player have to travel maximum in the tunnel using his skills. Players have to avoid the obstacles coming their way. The player’s speed will increase gradually in the game, and you have to get the maximum score.

When you are hit with any obstacle, the game will end. It shows you your score. Now you have to play it from the beginning to pass the highest score. As your speed increase, the tunnel will also change its shape to make it enjoyable.

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In the game upstairs, the player is to climb as many steps of stairs as possible. This game revolves around beating the maximum score of the game. You have to control the player from falling to get the maximum score. There are a lot of characters in the game that you can choose to play with. You can choose the locations where you have to climb the stairs.

Street Chaser:

This alternative of the run 3 unblocked is very touching. In this game, you are going behind the robber which is running after robbing someone. You have to run fast so you can catch the robber. The exciting part is you are just not running straight. When you are chasing the robber you will face obstacles. The robber is running in the streets; you will get to see some incredible locations. There are many methods given in the game that you can use to catch the robber. When you catch the robber, you will get so many coins that you can use to unlock new features.

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How many levels are there in the run 3 game?

A total of 300 levels are there in the game run 3. Apart from that, there are classes available like levels that you can explore.

How to unlock all characters in the game run 3?

There are two methods to unlock characters in run 3 unblocked. The first is to complete all levels. When you complete a level in reward, the game will unlock some characters. The second one is to use the money to buy characters, which is not a suitable one to go with. So, focus on the game’s complete levels and get the new characters.

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When will is see the wormhole in run 3?

To get the attention and keep players engaging, many plots are available in the game. The presence of a wormhole is one of them. So, to see the wormhole in run 3, you will have to complete level t7.

Name the most demanding levels of run 3 game?

Here are the most complicated levels you will see in run 3.

  • Level 65
  • The way back: Part 10
  • Low power tunnel: Part 24
  • Plan A: Part 16
  • Not the way back: Part 4

Is Bunny have the most challenging character in run 3?

Bunny is the most challenging character in the run 3 game to control because it has the highest speed and jumps, which makes him very hard to control. Also, the Bunny is constantly bouncing, due to which it’s tough to stay focused.

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What are winter games in run 3?

The winter games in run 3 are a side tunnel. This tunnel comes after level 15 of the main tunnel. This winter tunnel has a total of 20 levels. Any player can play these levels with all of the characters he has to unlock until now, run 3 unblocked.

Why is there a child in run 3?

Some stages come in run 3, where you have to complete levels on running on the tiles. While running is, if you dislodge any tile, you will lose. So for this purpose, the character child is there. He is lightweight, and he can run on the tiles without dislodging them. You can get this character from the shop after completing a low-power tunnel.

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