If you are a football lover and play football regularly, you often might lose hope and interest in your sport. We have all felt this way and have been on the verge of giving up. While different people have different techniques to stay determined, many people watch movies based on real life that give them inspiration to keep going.

Below mentioned are a few football movies that will give you inspiration and motivate you to keep moving forward in life.



Rudy is a beautiful film about a boy Rudy Ruettiger whose father works in the Steel Mill and Rudy cannot afford an admission to Notre Dame. When Rudy’s best friend dies in an accident, he tries to overcome his dyslexia and with the help of his mentor, and tutor B-Bob, Rudy is finally able to secure an admission in Notre Dame. Everyone tells his that he is too small to be playing football, but he fights his way to the school’s football team and proves everyone wrong by playing for Notre Dame.

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The film gives us inspiration and teaches us to never give up. To watch this movie all you need is a good internet and a TV to stream. Xfinity internet deals are affordable, provide good speed, and you get a free Xfinity 4K Streaming TV box where you can watch whichever movie you want because even the smallest deal comes with 125+ channels.


Remember The Titans

This movie’s setting says a lot about it. Set in a place where football is celebrated like an eve, high school football is a way of life for the people of Alexandria. The problem arises when an all-black team integrates with an all-white team with an African American coach to train them. The movie is based on a true story of a Virginian football team. It is not just a sports movie but teaches us a lot about life, co-existing, and how people’s differences together can lead them to success.

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Brian’s Song

This is another movie that teaches us co-existence in the era when professional football was a white man’s trade. Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers are team mates in the mid-1960s Chicago Bears during the civil rights era. As time passes, the two develop a good bond of friendship, and so do their wives, their friendship in the movie symbolizes harmony in the civil rights era. The movie is based on their real lives and discusses Piccolo’s bond with Gale Sayers and he found out that Piccolo had cancer. The movie teaches us the importance of friendship and bonding.


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Friday Night Lights

This is a movie that discusses how a town in Texas is obsessively crazy about high school football. The movie discusses how the football team star Boobie Miles gets seriously injured in the very first game of the season and all hope is lost. The social problems of the town start to hike when the new coach Gary Gaines tries to lead the team towards victory and tries to restore the town’s sanity and give them a sense of self-respect and honor.

If you are a football lover and are crazy for the game, this movie will restore your faith in the fact that respect can be earned, no matter what setting you live in.

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Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues is another movie that discusses high school football as it would be hyped up in small towns. The story is set up in a small town in Texas, where football is a way of life and losing is not an option. The movie is a comedy where players deal with their football obsessed society’s pressures and expectations of them and the coach being constantly on their back. The movie teaches us a lot of lessons about football in a comical way but it also teaches us about friendship, and loyalty.


When The Game Stands Tall

This movie revolves around a high school football coach Bob Ladoucer and his team De La Salle High School of Concord, California who have just completed their win streak of 151 games and 12 straight state championships in a row. The movie discusses how the seniors of the team are getting offers from all over the country and juniors are trying to make their mark, when Coach Lad starts facing personal problems due to which they lose their streak and lose a game. Along with great lessons this movie is very religion oriented and has teaches us how it is to be defeated if you have always been undefeated. It helps us keep our toes on the ground and keep working hard.

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These movies are inspirational, almost all are based on real life stories, and they teach us a lot about life. If you are a football player and want to be successful in life, these movies will explain you a lot about the sport and how these games work.


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