It is an innate desire in every man and woman to get recognition for an achievement or good deed. Recognition may seem like a general term but weigh a lot in appreciating one’s efforts. For example, you can recognize someone’s achievement through an award, trophy, gift, or anything to show that their work was not in vain.


When you want to award a trophy, many considerations come to play, like the kind of achievement, the age, and the message you want to pass. Not all trophies communicate the same message. Therefore, one must be keen on what the trophy will speak to the recipient. Outlined below are some aspects you consider in choosing trophies.

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●    The Achievement

What you are rewarding determines what kind of award you should give. The design of the trophy should match the person’s achievement. For example, a diamond, or a star shape, speaks of performance excellence, while those with a peak mainly signify growth. If it is a trophy for remembrance of good works, choose something with a softer shape and one that has a significant meaning to the recipient.


Every award speaks its own story, and thus it should rhyme with what the owner does. Many designers currently make trophies with a mold of a specific activity, especially in sports. Therefore, if you are rewarding a winner of sporting activity, you can choose the one designed for the particular game.

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●    Branding and Culture

When choosing trophies for organizations, consider the brand name, design, and what they do. For example, you can select something designed with elements of the brand logo or has the name or initials of the company if possible. This makes the award feel personalized. On the other hand, you can consider what has been in use previously and it is meaning in the organization.


For example, some companies give a cup to top performers, and they carry it on for years. Such traditions should guide your choice so that you do not deviate from the culture and systems of the company.

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●    Preferred Material

The choice of material is not just about its cost but also its aesthetic value. The most used material is acrylic because it is easily customized to fit a brand or name, and you can adjust its size and shape to get trophies of different weights. It is also very easy to get different awards colors. Glass is also easily engraved and can be cut from any angle to fit a brand.


The modernity of the glass makes it usable for various awards in all spheres. On the other hand, Crystal is heavier and more delicate, thus giving a sense of value to the work. Its shiny nature comes out well when placed in the light. Wood contains its natural beauty and can suit the people who appreciate feeling its grain. It is natural and speaks mostly of authenticity. Every kind of material has a meaning attached to it and should be carefully selected to fit its purpose.

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●    Cost

The pocket-size ultimately decides the kind of trophy one can purchase. Prices vary significantly depending on the commodity’s make, design, and size. Crystal ones can be pretty expensive as compared to glass or acrylic ones. More significant awards are also generally more costly than smaller ones. Therefore, one must balance the material and size to get a suitable fit for the occasion.


However, an item’s value is dependent on the end consumer. Beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder. For example, one person may prefer a small crystal trophy to a large glass or acrylic one, while another chooses the opposite. The aesthetic value to the owner will be the end determiner. Therefore you have to know how much you want to spend when you go to the trophy store.

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●    The Recipient

The award’s person determines the design and kind of trophy one should get. For instance, trophies meant for children should not be made of costly materials like crystal since they may not appreciate the item’s value. To children, size and shape are what matter most. However, when it comes to adults and high-end individuals, the value depends greatly on the material and not the size.


When choosing the best trophy, consider what the award means, the level of achievement, and the recipient’s taste and preferences.


Author Name: Isabella Hendricks


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