Games and programs are becoming more and more hardware-intensive every year. A few years ago 4 GB of RAM might have been enough for normal work, creating a Vave login, and watching movies, but today even 32 GB isn’t enough for creative tasks.


For owners of PCs, upgrading the system unit is a fairly ordinary task. But with laptops the situation is a little more complicated. How to increase the memory on the laptop, and in general, is it possible to add RAM to the laptop?

Can You Increase the RAM on a Laptop?

It’s impossible to increase RAM on every laptop. Some models have RAM integrated directly into the motherboard, making it impossible to perform any operations with it. This is the case for most miniature netbooks and macbooks produced older than 2013, as well as some ordinary representatives from Acer, HP, and ASUS.

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At the same time, there are many models with a free module for adding RAM. So it’s desirable to clarify this issue before buying a device to understand the prospect in advance.


To check whether this option is available, you need to read the technical documentation of the device. There you will see information about the functioning RAM module, as well as the presence of a free slot. And you can also read reviews on the Internet – just type the exact name of the laptop into a search engine along with a phrase like “add RAM to your laptop”.

What Kind of RAM to Choose

Choosing the RAM for the laptop, you need to consider several things. First, the new and old strips must be compatible with each other. Be sure that the boards were of the same generation: for example, DDR3 won’t “make friends” with DDR4 and DDR2.

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Ideally, if you find a RAM of the same model from the same manufacturer with similar characteristics (volume, frequency and latency, voltage). In general, you can pick up variants with different frequencies and capacities, but in this case the old and new RAM will function in single-channel mode, and at the frequency of the slowest board. But you are unlikely to notice that something is wrong: in games and office programs the difference will be insignificant. But if you work with graphics or serious calculations, take an identical RAM.


Each laptop has its own limit on the amount of RAM (usually 32 or 64 GB). All this is specified in the technical documentation of the laptop.

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To find out which slice we need, you can use the free program CPU-Z. Open it and in the SPD tab find the information about the installed slate and the availability of free slots.

Alternative Ways to Increase Laptop RAM

The classic way to increase the RAM on the laptop isn’t applicable to all devices. But there are other methods to improve performance.

Flash Drive

It’s possible to unload the operating system at the expense of a hard drive, but a flash drive has a significant advantage in speed, especially when it comes to transferring through the USB 3 version. To use this technique, the capacity of the flash drive should be at least 1 GB, and the write and read speed is 1.75 and 2.5 Mbps respectively. But the optimal size is considered to be 8 GB.

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Users can slightly overclock the available power, that is to increase the frequency of RAM. It’s better not to overdo it, otherwise, you can damage not only the RAM, but also other components. The optimal rate of overclocking is 10% increase in performance. But it is better to trust the professionals.


Different computers may have different BIOS versions. Therefore, it’s better to google the exact path to the desired settings, depending on the model of your laptop. Even the BIOS opens differently everywhere. For example, some ASUS laptops have different buttons: F2, F9 or Del. They must be pressed during the operating system boot.

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