If you are a beginner then this game could be a little tricky for you as it requires stealth and skill along with a lot of concentration and patience. However, you can make a smooth escape from it by just knowing the map well. As we know that the Woods map can be quite uncertain and vexatious for beginners we are here to give a helping hand.

Basically in this game, you have to spawn at the edge of the map, while the game will automatically push you towards the other side of the map for extraction. One should always be ready for a spawn fight and continue looking for other players as soon as you spawn.

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Let us provide you a simple and accurate guide to Escape from Tarkov Woods Map

Mark Out Key Landmarks

It is very important to know where you have been spawned, thus you should look for the key landmarks to accurately identify your location quickly. Your key landmark could be-



Sniper SCAV mountains.

In case you can not locate any of these landmarks, then it means that you have been spawned near the woods or on the outskirts. Most probably after a little wandering you might find these key landmarks but in case you can’t find them then worry not as you have to find the plane crash area in the woods and know your location.

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Once you have located your spawn location, proceed towards your extraction point. Doesn’t matter where you have been spawned just make sure to pass through the logging camp to move across. However, if your extraction point is the vehicle exit to the south, it’s okay to skip the camp.

There are some permanent extraction points for any player like for West spawn players, it’s the Outskirts while the one having the extraction point in the East will go to the UN Roadblock.

To view your extraction point you can double tap -O. While here are few possible spots for players-

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East spawn players

RUAF Roadblock.

ZB016 B Bunker.

UN Roadblock.

Old station.

West Borders.

Besides the above mentioned one, there are few special extraction points for east spawn players. For instance:

The Gate to Factory.

In the case of South vehicle exit you require 3000 Roubles for extraction.

If it is the Mountain Stash then it requires you to have the red ice pick, a pair of chords along with a no armoured vest to exit

West spawn players


Dead man’s place

Outskirts water and Outskirts

SCAV House of East gate.


The special exit for West spawn players will be:

ZB014 B bunker which demands a key

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Logger camp

South Exit which is similar to east Spawn players

Logger camp is considered as the check point for all the players as everyone would cross it. Also it is cited as the hot spot as there are sniping positions all around this area.

On the West side the Sniper rocks and the Beach rocks on the east side are the areas where you can find the snipers possibly. You may avoid them or attack them by moving on top.


In a jist we can say that Escape from Tarkov Woods is not very suitable for beginners as it has a lesser number of loot. However, the Woods map is a perfect place for people looking for long-range combats, as here you get a lot of options to do action. But don’t worry as no matter if you are just a beginner as using our guide you can become a pro in no time.

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What is the best map to start on Escape from Tarkov?

It is said that Sheroline is the best map for beginners as it clearly defines points of interest which make learning easy along with scav spawns.

Is shoreline a good beginner map?

It is a great map for beginners as it has something for everyone. The map has open, hilly areas along with plains for practising your long-distance shooting and sniping. Also, there are a few villages built nearby to make loots easier.

What is the largest Tarkov map?

As per Nikita Buyanov, COO of Battlestate Games, the Streets of Tarkov will be the biggest and the most detailed location ever. Here players will get a lot to discover starting from an abandoned city which will be full of big apartment blocks to semi-looted shops. This all will be surrounded by a wide skyline.

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Did Woods get an expansion?

It is reported that the expansion will be released in 2020. However, screenshot are still awaited.

How long is a Woods raid?

The raid can be commenced by 6-12 players which will at max last upto 45 minutes.