High-quality headphones are appreciated by everyone. Avid music lovers, fans of slots available with a Woo Casino bonus code and more versatile games, and call center employees are looking for the right devices. Here’s how to pick the right headphones.

Headphone Shape

Full-size Headphones

Full-size headphones are devices with large ear cushions that fit snugly around the user’s ears. They are designed to give maximum sound quality and reproduce the full range of frequencies. They are professional devices that can be found in recording studios, in the workplace of a sound engineer, or at home of an audiophile.


However, such models have disadvantages:

  • High cost.
  • They aren’t designed for outdoor use.
  • There is not the same variety of wireless models as other forms of headphones.

Overhead Headphones

Overhead headphones are similar in appearance to monitor headphones, as they can be equipped with quite massive ear cushions. Often manufacturers intentionally go for frequency imbalance: the headphones reproduce low frequencies better. After all, according to studies, these are the sound parameters preferred by most users. Besides, overhead headphones often have a memorable design that the average consumer is sure to pay attention to.


The advantages of overhead headphones compared to studio headphones:

  • Can be used outdoors.
  • Large variety of designs.
  • Many models are wireless.
  • Reasonable cost.

In-ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are simple and compact devices. These headphones are held in the ears because of their shape. Their main advantage is the low price.  Due to the cheapness, they have long dominated the market, but are now actively displaced. After all, there are some disadvantages:

  • Poor sound quality.
  • Few wireless models.

In-channel Headphones

In-canal headphones are characterized by a silicone or polymer membrane that allows you to fit the earpiece tightly in your ear. So, they provide excellent isolation from extraneous sounds, high volume and clarity. Due to the excellent fixation in the ear, these headphones are easy to use during workouts.

Type of Microphone

Headphones differ from each other by type of microphone. The following types can be distinguished:

  • Not demanding to the external environment and working well in the open air.
  • The quality of speech transmission is higher than that of the dynamic, but they don’t like significant fluctuations in the air. This kind of microphone is better to use indoors.
  • The microphone itself digitizes the sound coming into it and prepares it for transmission.


As for how to attach the microphone to the headphones, there are 3 options:

  • A movable microphone is used in over-the-ear headphones. Headsets with a movable microphone can be found in gamers, streamers and call center employees. When the microphone isn’t needed, it can be removed from the face and the headset can be used as normal headphones. This microphone attachment is typical of corded models that connect to a PC. The wire of the headset has 2 plugs: one for the headphones, the other for the microphone.
  • Built-in microphone is used in wireless overhead and in-canal headphones. Neither the microphone nor the wire does not restrict movement. The quality of the voice transmission depends on the model. It can be excellent or make your call sound like it’s coming from a basement. A separate microphone on the wire can be found on corded headsets with in-canal and earbuds. Often there is a volume control key next to the microphone. The voice quality of the conversation is acceptable. If the situation requires speaking softly, the microphone can be brought close to the mouth.

Earphone Mounting

Headband Mount

Headband mounts are a classic model, known since the beginning of the last century. These models are comfortable for long hours of listening, especially if the ear cushions are high-quality. You can adjust the headband to your head size. However, they take up much space during transportation. Although you can find models where the headband is foldable.

Mounting on the Back of the Head

By design, these models are similar to headphones with a headband. They provide comfort for the ears during prolonged work. Their advantage in comparison with the previous type is compactness.

In-the-ear Attachment

In-ear attachment is a feature of in-canal headphones and earmuffs. They are compact, but can fall out of your ear if you inadvertently pull the wire or turn your head sharply.


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