A graphics tablet is needed for:

  • People who want to learn to draw without brushes and pencils.
  • Illustrators, painters, and artists who create cartoons, PlayAmo slot designs, and graphic novels.
  • Designers involved in vector graphics (the tablet facilitates the process of creating complex vector lines).

A graphics tablet is a kind of pocket easel with which a drawing is reflected as a digital image on a computer monitor. In terms of its functionality, it isn’t inferior to the computer and sometimes surpasses it. It’s used for drawing pictures and sketches, the realization of various design concepts. Here’s how you can pick the right model.

What Is a Graphics Tablet and What Is It for

This device allows you to create digital paintings. It’s connected to a computer, draws pictures and projects on the work surface with an electronic pen, and the movements of the pen are transmitted to the computer monitor. The pen recognizes pressure and angle.

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Representatives of other professions can do without a tablet. Especially if a person has a good command of the mouse and can create high-quality images with it. This applies to designers engaged in three-dimensional graphics or simple vector images.

Types of Tablets

Interactive or Graphics Tablet

The same “tablet” which must be connected to a computer or laptop. The result of work on such a gadget is displayed on the PC monitor – that is, you need to drive the stylus on the surface of the tablet, and look at the screen.


This is a universal device for any kind of creativity, suitable for professionals and beginners.

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Graphic Monitor or Interactive Display

Its workspace is at the same time the screen on which you see the result – that is, you draw directly on the screen. It’s perfect for digital painting and 3D modeling.


A graphics monitor cannot work stand-alone and, like a graphics tablet, needs to be connected to a PC or laptop.

Graphics Computers

They combine the appearance of an interactive monitor and the functionality of a laptop. The device has its own processor and RAM, so it can do without connecting to a PC. In fact, it’s a portable, self-contained graphical monitor on which you can work in the usual 2D and 3D apps. Besides, it can be connected to a computer and used as an interactive monitor.

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The Best Inexpensive Graphics Tablets

One by Wacom Small

If you need a compact assistant for working with Photoshop or graphics, get the One by Wacom Small. It’s suitable for beginners and art school students who like to learn something new.


The reason for the “unsuitability” of the device for large projects is its modest size. The display 22×13 cm with a resolution of 2540 lpi just does not allow to achieve the desired level of detail. The sensitivity of the stylus is low – only 2000 levels.


But we get an affordable and small gadget, which everyone can afford. It connects to the PC via USB cable.

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Wacom Medium

Another great option for novice artists and experienced retouching specialists. It costs a little more than the previous model, although the size is similar – 21×13 cm. The resolution is minimal – 2540 lpi. Functional buttons are missing, which also does not add convenience.


However, there is a sensitive stylus that recognizes 2048 levels of pressure. Such a gadget is easy to carry, and it is also easy to work with it. Especially since the device doesn’t need to recharge, and it connects to the PC with a USB-cable.


This tablet is loved because it quickly finds contact with the PC, it’s easy to set up and makes it easy to draw thanks to the sensitive stylus. At the same time, the gadget costs little. This is a good tablet for drawing if you are just beginning to master the field.

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Wacom Intuos S

Intuos is a series of professional tablets with a high-precision stylus that are sold at an affordable price. Model S is the youngest model in the line. It has a small size, but has all the advantages of its older “brothers”: a sensitive pen, four ExpressKey, a variety of tips included, the drawing area occupies 75% of the screen.


This good graphics tablet is often chosen by beginners and professional artists alike. Especially when you need a tool for working on the road.


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