The success of organizations entirely depends on their ability to innovate. If you can’t keep up with the customer demand and the trends that your competitors are following, you’re doomed to fall behind and out of favor with buyers. One latest trend that most businesses are following is offering free in-store Wi-Fi to their guests. This is a very useful perk for customers because almost every other person has a smartphone. And they not only like to carry these phones with them everywhere but they want to stay updated all the time. And for companies, this tool provides the benefit of business WiFi marketing. 

Moreover, customers demand free WiFi at business venues more than ever. According to a research report, nearly 50% of the customers don’t go to places where guest WiFi is not available. Moreover, this perk is not only useful for the shoppers but it creates so many opportunities that you can use to attract more customers.

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Therefore, to make your business successful in this digital world, you should adapt to modern business trends. WiFi tool is one of these trends. If you are still confused about whether the social WiFi will work with your business or not, continue reading. This blog will walk you through all the details that are needed to decide on whether you should use WiFi for business or not.

Business WiFi Marketing: An Introduction

WiFi marketing is a process in which a retailer provides free in-store WiFi in exchange for customer contact information. When a shopper comes to a retail store that is offering Social WiFi marketing, the customer will try to connect with it. And in doing so, he shares his information by filling a form or by signing in through his social media account.

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This information, retailers then use to send out marketing campaigns, like email newsletters and SMS (text) messages, to these customers. Furthermore, this tool also helps retailers in controlling which page and website to open. This is how you can direct the customer to your social media account or website to increase your online traffic. You can communicate with your customers through phones or emails to let them know about new products, services, and offers.

Moreover, based on analytics and data about the behavior of your customers, you can decide on your sales and marketing strategies. There are many other ways you can use to boost your brand awareness and increase your sales. We will discuss these methods in the latter part of this blog.

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Here are some important advantages of WiFi solutions:


  • It Improves Your Social Media Presence

This tool offers a great opportunity for businesses to improve their social media presence. A strong social media presence boosts the brand awareness of your business. When a customer tries to log in with your WiFi, you can offer him an option of using social media account for login. In this regard, Social WiFi marketing play this role.

And when he connects with your WiFi in this way, you can ask him to give likes and reviews on your social media pages. This practice improves your social media presence and compels other customers to follow the trend of giving reviews. All in all, this method helps in increasing the brand awareness of your company.

  • It Builds Customer Relationship

The WiFi for the business tool can help you build deeper relationships with customers. It allows you to reconnect with customers well after they’ve left your venue. The data you’ve collected through WiFi will allow you to send more impactful marketing campaigns, which is great for your bottom line.

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Moreover, by analyzing how customers traverse through your store, you can make your business and sales strategies

  • It Enhances Your Web Traffic

Once a customer signs in with your WiFi, you can direct him to your website. And with a website where links to your website and online stores are available.

This thing increases your online traffic and more online traffic means improved google ranking. Improved Google ranking can give a major boost to your business awareness efforts.

  • It Sends Push Notifications to Customers

When your customer logs into your Wi-Fi, you can start sending push notifications to market additional products. For instance, you can send him the push notifications that you’re having a sale or enjoy exclusive coupons on your items.

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These notifications will increase your sales and the return of customers. Additionally, you can use very specific in-store geofences to trigger personalized push notifications to shoppers as they move throughout your store. This is why business WiFi marketing plays an important role in our modern world.