Fluke 376 FC Review – A True Wireless RMS Clamp Meter 2020

So you are looking for a high-quality meter reading device! Most likely, it would help if you had it for your office or family needs.

It probably wants the device for some industrial maintenance. Because regardless, it is essential to buy the right reader who can demonstrate accuracy and reliability. The market is flooded with readers of different meters, not all of them considering it. You need a device that will meet your expectations in all cases.

This is where the Fluke 376 FC True-RMS digital Best clamp meter comes into the picture to help. For a detailed review of the product, read this Fluke 376 FC review.

In-Depth Review Of Fluke 376 FC clamp meter

The Fluke 376 FC provides improved performance standards for a variety of current measurement tasks.

With true-RMS AC voltage and current measurement, the flux can read up to 600A and 600V in both DC and AC modes with a fixed jaw.

The Fluke 376 FC is also compatible with the new IFlex flexible current probe, extending the measurement range to 2500 AC. Additionally, It demonstrates flexibility, improved wire access and the ability to measure awkwardly shaped conductors.

Technical Description:

The Fluke 376 Clamp Meter combines functionality and form to create a fantastic troubleshooting clamp that is easy to operate.

It is robust, reliable and suitable for industrial as well as commercial applications; You can check out any Fluke 376 FC review and satisfy yourself. The unit is the only clamp meter on the market that delivers all in one tool with striking features as listed below.

Measurement Capabilities:

The product is capable of measuring 1000 AC and DC current. With the flexible current probe of IFlex, you can measure 2,500 AC current using 376 FC.

The model also measures 1000V AC and DC voltage, true-RMS current and voltage in non-linear signals, frequency measurement 500 Hz and resistance measurement to kΩ. In addition to these, you can automatically take minimum, maximum, average as well as inversion recordings to capture variations.

WiFi Connectivity:

The Fluke 376 FC is one of the most marketed devices on the market that allows users to connect to WiFi.

It’s easy to connect your meter to any smartphone using the Fluke Connect measurement. Like this, you can read all the measurements on your mobile phone from a safe distance wearing low PPE if you take all kinds of risks with the meter.

Apart from these, you can record results on the phone and in the cloud with a direct WiFi connection. Such a simple connection, recording, work and reporting becomes a breeze.

Logging And Reporting:

Users can occasionally capture errors when managing other tasks using the logging capability of 376 FC. Also, reports are easy to create and share. You can do all this via email from the field.

Alternatively, you can talk to other team members via the real-time Share Live Video Calling option to make tasks and management tasks more comfortable and faster.

Increased Safety:

By enabling the Fluke Connect Assets software or Fluke Connect Measurements application and tools, you can see different part measurements about 20 feet from the test side.

You got to set up multiple modules and see all the measurements at the same time from a distance on your smartphone. This, in turn, presents maximum protection and avoids dangerous accidents that occur while being present at the test site.

Increased Uptime:

Growing downtime is a big concern in many workplaces. In places where there is a shortage of workers, it can disrupt more accurate, more growing downtime work efficiency and ultimately increase costs. It is always easy to use machines and devices that can reduce downtime and increase uptime. 376 FC is a winning deal in this case.

The product increases your uptime by allowing multiple measurements – mechanical, thermal, vibrational and electrical. Also, interactions between multiple measurement points can help you quickly identify problems.

In turn, you can record measurements for further reporting and analysis while securing cloud storage and upload them to your PC automatically. Authorized users will then be able to access the field’s baseline data to detect irregularities and resolve issues quickly.

Facilitates Collaboration:

Onsite technicians can share measurements, thermal images and graphs with team members elsewhere via ShareLive video calls. Each member present on the call can view the same data as well as images on the smartphone.

Also, managers can view the details required to place a work order so that technicians can quickly address repairs without leaving the field. This saves extra trips back to the office. Additionally, it helps to determine if problems can be resolved quickly with the following timelines.

Carrying Case:

The product comes in the form of soft carrying. The case keeps the equipment from slipping and slipping. For example, moving the model from one place to another is never a problem with this extra layer of protection. 


When it comes to professionals, the Fluke 376 offers multiple benefits for its users. The item offers some outstanding advantages in terms of use as well as durability from the warranty, which is hard to find in other comparable products. Some of the highlighting features of the unit are detailed below.


The name of the stability game is when you are looking for a clamp meter for constant use. The unit may slip and fall during service.

In such instances, the product should be able to withstand the standard fall and beating. The good news is that Fluke’s 376 FC model refers to beatings and standard slips and falls because the product’s body is made of highly durable material. 

Fluke 376 clamp meter Price:

The price of 376 FC meters is in a moderate range. It is neither too cheap nor too expensive. Some people argue that the item comes with a higher price.

However, the meter comes with some of the best features and offers multiple benefits that are not found in any other comparable item. You can surf the net for Fluke 376 FC reviews and check out its prices and features with similar products.

If you set the price with the cost, you will see that buying 376 FC is a winning and affordable deal.


Any industrial use requires product maintenance, and this also applies to Fluke’s 376 FC.

However, other products warrant the maximum maintenance and investment to keep the equipment in good working condition. On the other hand, 376 FC requires minimal maintenance.

You do not need to take too much care to maintain the item at work. All you have to do is periodically inspect the item for any defects and protect it from accidental falls or breakage.


You will come across different clamp meters in the market with great features. However, most manufacturers do not provide support. It is possible that you may need help using the item.

Most likely, there are some technical flaws with the product. In all these situations, you need immediate help to solve your problems. Fluke offers top of the line support for resolving customer complaints.

Whether it’s a meter usage or a warranty, you can call the company at any time. A relevant support member will address your issue and provide a suitable solution to your problem.


Many arts read meters are not extended. You have to buy the unit at once. This can be a real frustration for any worker. However, Fluke’s 376 FC model will last longer. It will stand up to normal weather conditions as well as slow use.

If used carefully, you can extend longevity and enjoy the companionship of this cutting edge measuring device for years to come.

Cleaning And Upkeep:

Since any industrial meter is subject to constant use, maximum attention is required for better care. It would also help if you cleaned it properly to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust, which can hinder the unit’s work.

However, the fluke 376 FC requires little maintenance. Additionally, cleaning products is never a problem. Remove dust from the machine using a damp cotton cloth and the device will be clean.


A good warranty backs all Fluke products, and this also applies to 376 FC. However, the three-year warranty does not consider the damages caused by the accident and the damage caused by the user’s fault.

Nevertheless, you can service and repair the product covered by warranty. In case of any problem with the meter during the warranty period, you can fix it without extra charge.


The Fluke 376 comes with some exceptional features. But it comes with minor cons. A few minor cons associated with the product are explained below.

Small Display:

Some users report that the unit is small. As such, text measurement is a problem, especially from an angle. But a closer look at the display solves this problem.

Pricey For Domestic Uses:

Some people, especially home/office owners, think the unit price is a bit high. The Fluke 376 FC is an industrial measurement meter and is designed for heavy-duty use. Despite this, it is valued with humility.

If you compare the unit’s features and advantages with its price, you will see that the benefits and features surpass the price in all respects.

Who Can Use This Product?

Well, the product is meant for individuals and professionals alike. As a homeowner, you can use the product to measure the text of your HVAC or other equipment. Even an office worker or owner can use this simple device for reading measurements.

However, the Fluke 376 is widely used by industry professionals. HVAC specialists and industrial maintenance workers use this device to measure a variety of instruments. With proper use and management, professionals in various industries can carry out their work effortlessly.

Why We Use Fluke 376 FC?

Like any other clamp meter, the 376 FC model is used for current/voltage measurement and commercial devices’ resistance. However, there are many such clamp meters in the market. So why use 376 FC reader? What sets the model apart from its competitors? In the first place, the meter is fairly simple to use.

Even an ordinary person can understand its use and go with reading in a short time. Also, the unit provides maximum accuracy when taking measurements. Due to its durable built-in and amazing features, the unit is a suitable choice for any individual, domestic as well as commercial users.

How To Use Fluke 376 FC?

Any professional can take AC and DC measurements with the help of this simple tool. All you have to do is draw with the general instructions in the user manual. Although HVAC and other industrial maintenance professionals mostly use the tool, even a homeowner can use it without any problems.

You can connect the meter to the Fluke Connect measurement on your smartphone and read the measurement on the cell phone, while the meter takes all the risk. All results are recorded directly on the phone and in the cloud.

Users can create and share problems and reading reports from the field via real-time email or chat using the email or shared live video calling option.

Bottom Line:

Having high-quality clamp meter readers is most important for professionals working in the industrial maintenance and HVAC sectors.

Although you can find many such products, you should choose a reader like Fluke 376 FC True-RMS Clamp Meter which can meet all your needs and is long-lasting.

Take a look at the Fluke 376 FC to review above, and you’ll be able to decide which is the right choice to buy this cutting edge meter reader.