Sneaker bots are the automated tools that would attack high-end sneaker companies on announcing their new sneakers.

Sometimes even before the release of the product, they get notified that something new is coming up, so they make a strategy how they can sell the same product at a higher price, and they would get the maximum sales because they simply high jack the original website

Doing this to any retailer or business website is highly unethical. You can call this a sneaker bot attack that the user schedules in advance so they will have enough time to make their strategy.

How do sneaker bots work?

When the concept of bots was introduced an automated web scraping, the user had to create a feature where they’ll enter the basic details like pricing, inventory, etc. Now you can have an all-in-one bot that would do the scraping, purchasing, and scheduling. You won’t have to check the system again and again if you simply schedule the bot for this action in advance.

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There is a tool that you can call as Tesla of sneaker bots, CyberAIO by Cybersole. You can target numerous websites at a time and sneaker drops. A user can simply schedule the purchase that whenever that specific product is available, the CyberAIO will simply buy it without any delay. Once the user schedules the purchase, they simply set back and wait for the show to get started.

The basic concept of Sneaker Bot attack

The attackers will get an early update about the targets which means which product they need to buy that will have more value if they sell them online. They will get an approximate idea about the rate of those products even before they are available in the market. The attackers would start their practice of attacking that website using bots.

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Most of the time, the website operators of retailers and brands try to save their website from getting hacked or simply stop working by the bot attackers. This is why the bot attackers try to learn every trick that would help in getting what they need.

When the products get launched on their official website, the website might stop working or slows down, and the reseller means the sneaker bot attacker would resell the same product at quite a high rate.  It is important to understand about best sneaker proxies.

Lost customers due to launch day failures

Sneaker bots cause quite a loss to the retailers and the shoes brands company a big loss because the sneaker bot will suck up a huge amount of bandwidth of the seller’s website on the day of launching their new product. The sneaker bots might make the website unavailable for several hours.

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During the unavailability, the sneaker bots will make millions, and the actual sellers will have to face millions of losses. The sneaker bots not only attack the sneakers section only, but if the company or retailer is selling other products too, they will also get unavailable.

It is one of the reasons why the company owners and the retailers will have to spend more money on extra bandwidth, server capacity, and CDNs.

Wasting in-house employees’ time

If you hire in-house experts to deal with the sneaker bots attack, then you will have to spend more money on server capacity, bandwidth, and the CDNs, so you don’t have to face loss. The game doesn’t end here because the price you will be paying for these services to the experts and spending money on different precautionary measures might cost you a fortune.

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Multiple full-time employees will be needed if you want to handle everything in your own company. Most of the time, the support teams will have to deal with the complaining customers. Then how will they manage everything?

You need to think about every aspect when it comes to dealing with sneaker bots. If your team fails in stopping the attack, then you might end up facing millions of losses.

Why do you need to get outsourcing protection from Sneaker Bots?

There are many beneficial facts of getting outsourced protection from sneaker bots. Let’s talk about a few of them here:

1. You won’t have to hire professionals by yourself

No in-house professionals would be needed to hire, so you won’t have to think of the extra perks that you should provide your employees with.

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2. 24*7 protection from Sneaker Bots

The outsourcing experts will take care of the sneaker bots only they won’t have to do anything else so they can concentrate more. You will get 24*7 backup, so if anything goes south, you can call them for emergency services.

The final words”

You might have understood the technicality of sneaker bots that how they work, and how they can cause you millions of losses if you are a retailer of a high-end sneaker brand. It would be best to outsource security services that would help in stopping the sneaker bot attack.


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