Apps for annotating PDFs give users the power to leave notes on important documents, make comments, and communicate with fellow users all in one PDF document. The apps can open and view any PDF file and connect to any cloud-based drive to save all changes instantly. Several PDF annotation apps give users other important PDF editing tools like adding or removing text, as well as compression and conversion features.


Highlight, Strikethrough, or Underline Text Online


The highlighting, striking through, or underlining of text is a very simple and basic function of most word processing programs everyone knows how to use. But the particulars of these functions can be different based on the PDF editing tool you are using. The main way to find either of these tools is to browse the toolbar to find the familiar icons.

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Users can also look in the Edit menu to find a way to begin highlighting, striking through, or underlining text. Once selected, users can find the text on the page with the cursor and highlight, strikethrough, or underline text with the simple click of the mouse. They can highlight or underline as much text as they want and save the changes when they are done.


Replace Text Online


To annotate a PDF can mean adding or replacing text with a handy PDF note taker. Users can upload or open their files in a specific browser or app and begin removing unnecessary text to make their documents more concise and fluid. Users can simply use the highlighting cursor to select the text that needs to be replaced.

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Once they have selected the appropriate text, they can simply start typing the new text they want to add or create a dialog box that lets them type in new text to a specific area. Users can also find the text that needs to be replaced and leave an annotation for another editor to remove or replace the text.


Delete Text Online


In the same way that users can highlight or replace text online with writing on PDF apps, they can also delete text. Users can find any problematic or unnecessary text with the help of the highlighting cursor and highlight them to remove them. Users can simply find and strikethrough or highlight the text they want to delete or leave it for another editor to delete.

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Add or Edit a Sticky Note Online


Adding a text or “sticky” note online is easy with a PDF note-taking app like Lumin PDF that lets users open and view many different PDFs at a time. Users can simply open the file or upload it from their local drive to be able to make annotations or add notes to any sized PDF file. Lumin lets users save their documents to the cloud so all changes are saved instantly.


Syncing Lumin PDF with a user’s online drive can also enable better communication with other collaborators. Users can leave a comment or annotation on a particular PDF document and other users who have access to the file can see them instantly. Lumin PDF users can open their file and then choose the Annotation icon from the toolbar and find where they want to leave the note.

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Delete a Sticky Note Online


Leaving a “sticky” note on a digital document is not that hard and neither is deleting one. Once the relevant user has read and interpreted the note left they can simply find the X on the dialog box of the note and delete it. Other tools or programs have a simple Delete option on the dialog box to make getting rid of it easier.


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