Previously, gamers could only choose a console between Xbox and PlayStation or play on a computer at CasinoChan Australia or PC games instead. Now these devices are joined by new versions of Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation5, and Nintendo Switch. You can also find PS Vita and 3 DS, but Sony doesn’t support the first model anymore. Let’s find out how to choose a gaming console.

Portable or Stationary

All gaming electronic devices are divided into portable and stationary. The latter are connected to the monitor, their main advantage in high quality graphics and increased productivity. If the user is going to play at home, game consoles for TV are the best option.


Portable devices come with a screen and the control buttons are on the console. Gaming equipment is light and compact, and won’t take up much space in a briefcase, bag or backpack. Manufacturers produce quite a few video games for these devices, quite a few of them are designed for children.


At the moment, a gadget has been released that combines the characteristics of portable and stationary gaming equipment. This is the Nintendo Switch, the console is intended for use outside the home and connects to the TV.

Choosing the Brand

The next selection criterion is the brand under which the gadget is made. The most famous manufacturers of gaming equipment are Xbox, PlayStation, as well as Nintendo. PlayStation is made under the brand name Sony, Xbox is a product of Microsoft Corporation. Nintendo products are not as popular as competitors’ gaming consoles, Nintendo has popular portable consoles. When choosing a console made by the leading manufacturers, you should pay attention to the following features:

        Availability of games and services. The latter are needed so that the gadget software is constantly updated, as well as for downloading video games and messaging with other users. Note that the cost of some games is quite high.

        The range and quality of games, many people buy a console without looking at what games offer a particular company. It happens that the list of video games doesn’t include your favorite title, so the console isn’t worth buying.

        Backward compatibility with devices of another generation. Some support compatibility, others don’t. This means that games from the previous period will not work on this console. In this regard, it’s advantageous to buy an Xbox – this gadget is compatible with games released in previous years.

        The design of joysticks or gamepads, which are the controls of the console. It’s recommended to hold a gamepad in your hands before buying to find out whether or not this essential accessory of the gaming process is comfortable.


The right choice of this characteristic is important, the key parameters depend on it – the performance of the gadget and support for games of any generation. New consoles are released approximately every five years, but remain relevant for six or seven years. To give you an example – PlayStation 4 was released in 2013, PlayStation 4 Pro in 2014, the fifth version appeared in stores in 2020, but the company continues to support the fourth generation console.


The arguments for choosing a next-generation gaming device are many. Every year, the capabilities of gaming hardware companies are expanding. Better graphic design, higher performance, and more detail are becoming available.


Previous generation consoles are chosen to save money. The technique is cheaper than the latest generation devices, but it’s gradually losing relevance. Opportunities for effective use of the gadget becomes less. Representatives of companies producing consoles stop updating obsolete versions, and new games on old consoles become unavailable.

Hard Drive

Games are downloaded to it, the volume of the disk depends on how many of them you can install on the console. One game weighs on average 20-50 GB. The latest generation consoles are equipped with hard drives, which are up to 1TB.


The more space the disk has, the higher the price of the gadget. It is possible to save money by buying an external drive, which, however, does not connect to all devices, compatibility must be checked. For example, a 500 GB drive can be connected to a console with the same amount of memory, thereby improving the capabilities of the game console, increasing the amount of memory by two times.

Other Features

The game will need other accessories – joysticks, controllers, helmets, racing wheels, charging stations, guns and other accessories.


Each game kit usually provides only one joystick, if you plan to play in the company, then at least one more gamepad must be added. When buying, pay attention to the range of accessories. The more accessories, the more interesting the game.

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