Alana de la Garza is an American actress who is best recognized for her role in the NBC television show Law & Order, Law & Order: LA, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, as well as in the CSI series CSI: Miami.

In 2001, she appeared in the single by Brooks & Dunn, “Ain’t Nothing ’bout You’” music video. Garza was also in the release in 2001 of boy band O-Town and their music video “All or Nothing.

They cast Garza in Rosa Santos’ role on the soap opera, All My Babies, JAG, Charmed, Two and a Half Men with guest-starring parts and Las Vegas. She starred as Maria In The Mountain, a short-lived TV drama.

She also appeared with David Boreanaz in Mr. Fix-It. In The Season 5 premiere episode of Smallville, they also featured her as a villainous Kryptonian (named “Aethyr” in promotional materials) and was Marisol Delko’s character.

Caine’s role in the recurring CBS TV series CSI: Miami. They have featured her in “Girls of Maxim” and “Girls of Maxim” online gallery.

Early Life

Alana de la Garza was born on June 18, 1976, in Columbus, Ohio, the United States. Her father is Mexican-American, as is her mom, who’s Irish. She grew up in El Paso, Texas.

One of her most renowned childhood achievements was being awarded the “Miss Photogenic” title in the Miss El Paso Teen from the USA local beauty contest. Growing up in Florida, She relocated from Florida to New York City after getting several small parts.


Alana’s career took off on a track in 2001 when she was featured in music video clips to “Ain’t Nothing ’bout You” by Brooks & Dunn and “All or Nothing,” released by the boy group O-Town at the beginning of 2001.

Her first acting roles included the soap opera, All My Children, where she played the character of Rosa Santos, Las Vegas, Two and a Half Men, Charmed, and others. The year 2006 saw her was in Mr. Fix-It, co-starring David Boreanaz.

Her first significant acting experience was in 2006 when she received chosen to play assistant District Attorney Connie Rubirosa in the 17th season of the popular TV show Law & Order.

It’s no surprise that she received highly praised reviews from viewers of the show and critics who also appreciated her portrayal of Connie Rubirosa, which set her up for several nods and awards.

They nominated her in the category of “Best Supporting Actress–Television” by the Imagen Foundation Awards in 2007. Then, in 2008 she was nominated for the ALMA Award for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Television Series.”

2008- 2022

She was awarded the “Impact Award” for “Outstanding Performance in a Dramatic Television Series” and was granted that same year by the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

They picked the actress as the actor for Do No Harm. An NBC Medical show pilot, Do No Harm, February 2012. She played the character Dr. Lena Solis, a neurologist.

They included Alana in the cast for Is It You?, the debut feature film in the series Mad Menin in June of 2012. She starred as assistant District Attorney later DDA Rubirosa, for the final four seasons of Law & Order and was in the short-lived sequel Law & Order: LA 2011.

On January 22 January 22, 2014, she appeared in an episode on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Connie Rubirosa. Up to the present, it was her last appearance on the franchise.

Other productions that are credited with the name of Alana de la Garza are Forever, an ABC television series in which she played Jo Martinez, a police detective, Scorpion as the head of Homeland Security, and Criminal Minds Beyond Borders.

Personal Life

How do you know the marital situation that is the case for Alana De la Garza? We have presented some of her details in this article to make you thirsty for more.

In the table above, we’ve listed the marital status of her and her spouse along with current events, interests, and a lot more personal details in a concise manner.

The next section is about her most loved things, like her favorite personality or activity, etc. From what we’ve heard, she is married.

Net Worth

Based on Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, IMDb, and various trustworthy online sources, Alana de La Garza’s net worth estimates follow. Below, you can find how much she earns, her salary and more from the previous years.

Alana of La’s approximate net worth, monthly and annual earnings, a primary source of income, automobiles, lifestyle, and many more details have been updated below.

Alana de la was a successful actress who made three million dollars and five million dollars. Networth Alana de la earned most of her income through her Yeezy sneakers.

While she has embellished in the past about the magnitude of her business, the money she earned from her job was substantial enough to make her one of the largest cash-outs by celebrities.

Her main source of income is mostly from her work as an Actor. Her net worth of anywhere from $5 to $10 million. Alongside her huge followers on social media, actor.


Michael Roberts is Alana de la Garza’s husband. Michael is a professional writer. The couple has been in contact for about two years. They started dating in the year 2006, according to some websites.

They were married on May 31, 2008. Alana and Michael are on their own and have two kids, one boy and a daughter. They have a son named Kieran Thomas Roberts.

Their daughter’s name was Liv Elena. On September 28, 2010, Kieran was born. Liv Elena was born on July 7, 2013, just three years later. Former Law & Order actress currently lives in Florida, United States, with her family.


Garza is the daughter of a Mexican American father and native Irish mother from Columbus, Ohio. She raised in El Paso, Texas. We can describe Alana as a distant relative of TV producer-writer Rene Balcer.

With whom she has the same ancestor, Juan Cortina, also known as the Rio Grande Robin Hood. When she competed in the Miss El Paso Teen USA local beauty contest where she was awarded “Miss Photogenic.

She became a special-needs educator and later went to an undergraduate program at the University of Texas at El Paso, in which she studied social work and physical therapy. Following graduation, she got some minor jobs in Orlando, Florida, before moving to New York City.

Height And Weight

Alana de la Garza is an attractive model with beautiful eyes and a gorgeous figure. She’s a tall woman with five inches and 7.7 inches. If you consider centimeters in the calculation, she is 172cm tall. She’s now 45 years of age, yet she looks as if she’s 18 years old. 

Her appearance is stunning, and her character is amazing. Weighs Alana de la Garza is 64 kilograms. She appears confident in her physique, and she can keep her diet in good health.

Dating history

Alana de la Garza was engaged for a long time to Michael Roberts, who is an acclaimed writer. At the age of eight, she was wed to Michael on the 31 days of May, on May 31 in Orlando, Orange County.

The couple is blessed with two children. We can regard Alana as a relative of Rene Balcer, a TV producer and writer. She also has the same bond with her cousin Juan Cortina, well-known for her role as Rio Grande Robin Hood.

She is the mother of a daughter and an infant son. Although she’s not sure of her Spanish proficiency, She said she wishes her children to be able to speak Spanish and would like to teach them and learn.

How did Alana de la Garza get famous?

Alana de la Garza came to notoriety for her roles in the TV series Law & Order as Connie Rubirosa. She was a character in all four seasons of Law & Order until the show’s finale. She also appeared in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. 

Alana even depicted Marisol Delko-Caine in CSI: Miami. They have featured her in various shows that include FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, Forever, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and many more. They featured her in 2001 on the show.

 Also, they featured it in a video called “Ain’t Nothing ’bout You,” “All or Nothing,” and many more. They honored her in 2007 when she was nominated for the Imagen Foundation Award for “Best Supporting Actress” in television shows.

Alana was the Assistant District Attorney Rubirosa throughout the seasons of Law & Order. She was noted to reprise her role on the season of CSI: Miami, playing Marisol Delko. in 2012, Alana played the part of the lead character in the medical drama pilot “Do No Harm.

 The actress began a recurring part as head in Scorpion. Alana also appeared on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and was the opposite role of Gary Sinise.


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