Playing at a casino or an online gambling site can be an enjoyable experience, but you should always remember to exercise caution and stay within your limits. That being said, there are some things that you should avoid while playing slot games like Judi Slot Online and rtp slot.


This list of 16 things below will help you spot problems before they start and can help keep you gambling safely!


  1. Unregulated Slot Games

The first thing that you need to do when deciding where to play is check for a seal on the game from eCOGRA, which monitors games for fairness as a third party auditor. Without this seal, it could be difficult to know whether or not the game is rigged in some way.

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  1. No Auto-Play

Some slot machines will allow you to play automatically, without any input from you, as long as you have met the minimum bet. This is not a good idea because it is easy to spend too much on these types of machines. You need to verify that you have opted in for this feature before playing.


  1. Bet on Non-Deposit Games

If it is not free, it is probably a casino money-maker designed to make money from your loss. Take advantage of all the free games at online casinos and play them first before wagering cash.


  1. Red Flags
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If you really have no idea what you are doing in terms of slot machines, it is best to just stay away from them and find another kind of game. Red flags include the fact that the casino has a bad reputation or that there are servers in countries other than where you are playing from. When you see red flags, it’s best to leave your money and run.


  1. Bots And Miners

Programmers create bots and miners to fake play patterns and try to pull off big wins on slots machines. Usually this is done by sending a signal every few seconds so that the casino will accept bets before play reaches a point where it could be detected by another player noticing the same thing happening over time.

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  1. No Personalized Offer

If you have never played at a casino before, you may not be eligible for an offer. You need to take the time to create an account and play with your own money first, so that you will receive a personalized bonus offer.


  1. Too Many Free Spins

It’s easy to be tempted by free spins bonuses, especially when they are given away easily by many casinos, but the fact is that most people will not be able to win anything from them because that is not how these games work. If you like bonus rounds on slot machines, try something like Dolphin Pearl instead!

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  1. Bad Odds

Always check the payout percentage for any game you are playing. If the odds are not listed, ask for them and if they aren’t given to you, leave! For slot machines, odds should be around 94% or better.


  1. No Bonus Rounds

Most slot machines have bonus rounds such as free spins, multipliers or special bonus games that award you extra winnings while they are active. If you see a machine with only regular play and no bonus rounds to look forward to, it’s probably not worth playing.


  1. Multiple Slots

It can be tempting to play more than one machine at a time, but you shouldn’t do it. When players start playing multiple machines at a time, they are more likely to lose control and start gambling on what they can’t afford to lose. That being said, if you want to play slots at a casino that lets you play multiple machines simultaneously, go for it!

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  1. Female Slot Machine

When you play a game, you can’t expect the machine to pick out a random woman to appear and sit on your hand. Just because someone is dressed up as a real life lady, doesn’t mean they are!


  1. Overly-Attached Prizes

People can become attached to how the game works and get upset if a winning combination is not presented in their favor. It’s best to ask what prizes can be won so that you have some chance at winning something nice, regardless of whether it actually comes in your favor or not.


  1. Too Much Resistance

Lots of slot machines have become immune to the signals that other players send because they are so good at working around them. If you feel that a slot machine is rigged, it’s best to sit down and enjoy your free play but not take a chance on it anymore.

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  1. Hidden Payout Slots

Some games will claim to provide “hidden payout slots”, but if you look closely, the machines will just give you a large payout if you match five of the seven reels, for example. The machines themselves don’t offer any real payouts and this is just for people who believe in superstition or luck!


  1. Reports of Slot Machines With Yields Beyond the Limit

This is one of the most common red flags when it comes to slot games. One thing that many slot machines will do is add another layer of resistance to prevent players from getting access to their records. If a casino refuses to disclose what payouts are really possible, you can bet that they are hiding something!

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  1. Huge Payout Ratio

Casinos love to offer you free money by giving 100x or 1000x payouts from these machines. Whenever someone offers a payout like this, it’s best to ask for proof that this type of machine exists and what its exact payout odds are.



If you have read the list above, you are well aware of the cautionary nature of playing slot games. In case any of these warning signs come up in real life and not just as part of your own research on good games to play online, please don’t hesitate in reporting it so that other users get notified.

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